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  • No. FG047 Ammonite

    Ammonite with oysters, location: Mühlheim, district of Eichstätt, Bavaria, upper Jurasssic, Tithonian, malm zeta 3, age approx. 147 million years. 995 €

    No. FG047 Ammonite
  • No. FG21, Harpoceras falcifer

    Very attractive huge plate with ammonites! Harpoceras falcifer, location: Holzmaden, Baden-Württemberg, south-western Germany. Posidonia Shale (geological formation: Lower or “Black” Jurassic, (Lias epsilon), age approx. 180 million years, panel dimensions approx. 94 x 94 x max. 2,5 cm. 1600 €

    No. FG21, Harpoceras falcifer