• Limulus No. A55

    Beautiful “Living fossil”! Horseshoe crab Mesolimulus walchi, family: Limulidae, order: Xiphosura , panel diameter approx. max. 56 cm, thickness approx. 1 cm, crab including sword max. approx. 17.5 cm Age: Jurassic, formation: malm zeta 2 a/b (Solnhofen). Location: Eichstatt, Germany 950 €

    Limulus No. A55
  • Eryon No. FG 03

    with ammonite GENUS/SPECIES: ERYON ARCTIFORMIS Order Decapoda, Family Tetrachelidae GEOLOGICAL AGE: Upper Jurassic, (144 million years old) , Tithonium, Solnhofen-Formation, malm zeta 3 / 4 STRATIGRAPHIC FORMATION: Solnhofen Plattenkalk (limestone) LOCATION: Mühlheim, district of Eichstätt, Bavaria, Germany thickness of slab approx. 2.3 cm, weigth approx. 4820 g. Sold!

    Eryon No. FG 03
  • No. B020 Eryon

    Eryon, location: Mühlheim, Upper Jurassic, Tithon z3, Altmühl-formation, plate approx. 37 x 20 cm, thickness approx. 3 cm 775 €

    No. B020 Eryon
  • No. FG034 Long-armed crustacean with trace

    Mecochirus longimanatus with trace, Solnhofen, Upper Jurassic. This lobster evidently survived for a short period, presumably preserving its last efforts at survival. 900 €

    No. FG034 Long-armed crustacean with trace
  • No. FG08, horseshoe crab

    Mesolimulus walchi, Eichstätt, Jurassic, Malm Zeta, length of fossil: till end of its tail approx. 11.5 cm 900 €

    No. FG08, horseshoe crab
  • No. FG06, Limulus with trackway

    Horseshoe-crab with mortichnia, or death march . Location: Eichstätt, Bavaria in Germany, Limestone of Eichstätt, Upper Jurassic, Malm Zeta age approx. 150 million years. Length of fossil till tail tip approx. 14.5 cm. 2400 €

    No. FG06, Limulus with trackway
  • Long armed shrimp with trail

    "Schnorgackel", Mecochirus longimanatus, with death track! Jurassic, Malm Zeta 3 / 4, location: Solnhofen. Very high quality! 1600 €

    Long armed shrimp with trail